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Ocarina with Songs

4.8 ( 9568 ratings )
Muzyka Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: Better Day Wireless, Inc.

Now you can learn to play songs on the OCARINA for free! Blow into your iPhone and make music. Don’t know how to play, thats OK. This app will teach you everything you need to know!

What’s an ocarina? Fans of the Nintendo game, Legend of Zelda, know it well. An ocarina is a 12,000 year old wind instrument similar to a flute. Have fun as you learn to play songs included free in the app. Ocarina with Songs is a full-featured complete wind instrument with a variety of customizable features in addition to a complete learning system that will teach you to play a variety of songs. Get it FREE today!

Legend of Zelda is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America.