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No, just no

I've played Zelda ocarina of time so I at least know what an ocarina sounds like. They're supposed to sound very gentle and calm, not like a low pitched alarm clock.

Terrible noises

Okay. So for whoever wanted to play an ocarina, don't buy this. I know I sound like a whiny baby right now but look, all that this app has is an ocarina that beeps instead of play, and there is an awkward delay between playing the note and it coming out. This is a problem for people who want to be experts at the Ocarina. Also there is an awkward blowing pattern to this, as it takes your mic and measures for loudness, so if there is a loud background, expect some terrible noise.

This app is the worst

I could not make music so this app is the worst I've played like is said I even couldn't I'm done don't get this app it's the worst



Bad just bad

Terrible noise

I love Zelda but not this game.

I wanted to learn how to play the 12 note ocarina too. And other legend of Zelda ocarina songs but they only have the basic little kid songs.

Awful, horrible, horrendous.


I always wanted an ocarina

I got this app the other day and since have been learning to play some awesome songs that came with the app, and also learning some of my favorite video game songs. I can't wait to impress everyone!

This is suppose to be a orcarina?

I started playing it and it doesn't sound anything like an orcarina. More like a 8 bit game from the eighties! I know that it's a free app but it looks like they spent more time on the gui then the sound for this app. I also still can't figure out how to make the blowing option work. Very disappointed with this app.



Not good

Every time I try to learn a song it won't let me play the note.

Horrible app.

It literally sounds nothing like an ocarina.


Add some legend of Zelda songs and ill be happy!


Very good

Horrible app

I tried blowing into it and it never worked DONT GET IT!


Great for kids and adults

Not that great

The mic doesn't always play the note when you blow and auto blow always keeps on playing after you let go of the holes



A neat app

Lots of fun!


Not good app,doesn't even work!(put one star cause I had to).

Not good.

The big problem is that it does not sound like an ocarina. My daughter had one. The app is no where close. The little problem is the way it does ads. I don't mind apps with ads but this app occasionally pops up a full screen ad with a giant go to the offer button that bounces around the middle of the screen and a little tiny hard to see close the ad button in the top left. It is kind a funny that offer button covers part of the ad. I have been downloading apps for almost four years. As far as I can remember I think this is the first negative review I have left. Most of the time I just delete the app and move on. If you are looking to relive the days of Link playing an ocarina this is not the app. Over all this app is as bad as my grammar. That is bad. Daniel sample the sound of a real ocarina. That would be a great improvement.


Its fun


It makes my head hurt when I blow into it, I am not liking my head hurting! HELP


Its so much fun!!


I LOVE this app!

Great app!

What a good app I love playing the songs



Its ok

Its cool.

Great App!

Now I can finally learn to play Legend of Zelda songs!


Awesome. I recommend.


It needs more pie 


It's ok it needs more free games


It works great, but come on, I thought this would be free

Good app

The only thing i dont like is that u dont get very many spongs in the beginning

Not bad

Simple and easy. I kinda like it. My toddlers love it!


Ok but it needs Zelda songs

Great App

This app works great as an ocarina. If you really want to play Zelda songs look up the ocarina fingerings on the Internet and set the base tone to "B". Just learned the song of time. :D

Give me songs.

I like free stuff.


Awesome app, please add more songs though.


Terrible!!!! Whats the point???? It has no GOOD songs!!!!!!!!


Not that great. Needs Zelda songs. Get Smule!


Wow this is cheap!when you play it it sounds like a tape playing and it's so hard to do the learning setting!ugh....just do smule....


It's a good app

So far.......okay

I like it so far I would like to download all the songs but it cost to much.

Its stupid

It would be AWESOME if it had Zelda songs instead of songs that are the on the guitar and piano.


So like derp a herp with the derp and the herp

Good, not perfect

Blow mode doesn't work

Totally cool

This game rocks the bad thing is there are no songs

Not worth it

Just bought and the spund just stopped working....

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